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12kg of plastic & marine litter collected with every sale

That's the equivalent of over 900 plastic bottles being removed from our oceans & waterways by our partner, the Seabin Project.

Everything we do
is eco-friendly

From the materials we use, to our courier bags and shipping provider, everything is carefully selected to be kind to our planet.

We donate 10% towards restoring vision

With every purchase you make, 10% of the sale is donated to restoring vision for a person desperately in need of eye care.

We offer 25% off your

next pair, forever

Return Ozeano eco-friendly sunglasses at any time to receive 25% off your next purchase. Help us ensure our products never go to waste.

Welcome to Ozeano

(pronounced “o-ze-a-no” and a Basque Spanish word for ‘Ocean’) 

Ozeano was born out of a desire to make a difference, both to the planet and its people.


1 sunglasses = 12kg plastics & marine litter collected

Everything we do is eco-friendly

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Recycled bamboo cases 

Organic cotton pouches

Home compostable courier bags

Carbon-neutral shipping service 

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Give someone the gift of vision

10% of every sale is donated to supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation's work in over 25 countries around the world. 

Today, around 253 million people live with vision impairment. Over 80% of those people could have their vision impairment completely prevented or cured, given access to the basic eye care many take for granted.   

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