Named after the Sydney beach where the Ozeano concept was initially discussed, The 'Freshie' was the first style to be released in our First Wave Collection and holds a special place in our hearts, representing the moment the Ozeano concept became a reality. 

A unisex range with a classic round design 

Available in 4 different colour combinations

One-size ergonomic design providing a comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes

Structured with rounded-edge frames and temples made from 100% recycled plastic

Carefully hand-assembled with integrated, 
high-quality metal screw hinges

Featuring a rounded, non-slip nose arch that sits securely on all nose bridge shapes and sizes

Complete with high-quality polarised lenses that eliminate glare, enhance visual clarity and improve definition

Being made from recycled PET plastics, the Freshie is super lightweight and ruggedly durable

With certified UV400 protection, ensuring maximum protecting from harmful sun rays

Tel: +611300707751

Based in Sydney, Australia

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