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From Sihanoukville to Sydney

Ozeano (pronounced "o-ze-a-no" and a Basque Spanish word for ‘Ocean’) was born out of a desire to make a difference. That desire first came about whilst walking along Serendipity beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and being horrified by the amount of plastic pollution and litter that had been washed ashore on this otherwise magical part of the world. 


It triggered a feeling of sadness, and an obligation to do something about it. Whilst collecting the litter, a local man named Heng started to help. Heng suffered badly with cataracts - a very curable eye disease that can cause complete blindness - and therefore had very poor vision, but he was still willing to help. 


That day highlighted three things:

  • We have to do something to stop more places becoming polluted like Serendipity beach 

  • All the materials being dumped in the ocean must be useful for something

  • Too many people around the world are suffering unnecessarily, and they need our help 


Enter... Ozeano

Having spent a few years contemplating how to help, the Ozeano concept was finally formed one Saturday afternoon on Freshwater beach in Sydney, Australia.

The vision is to give the world a way of turning the tide on ocean and beach pollution, whilst also providing treatments for those suffering with curable blindness. 


We’re passionate about playing our part in moving towards a fairer, more sustainable future, and through our high-quality, hand crafted eco-sunglasses we believe we’ve created a way for you to play your part too. 


We’re proud to use only eco-friendly materials in all of our products, and with every sale of sunglasses we fund the removal of 12kg of plastic and marine litter from our oceans and waterways through our partners, the Seabin Project, by powering their revolutionary ocean clean­ing Seabin devices. We also donate 10% of the sale price to our registered eyecare partner, The Fred Hollows Foundation, who are preventing and curing vision impairment in over 25 countries around the world. 


We’ve invested so much energy and passion in to bringing this concept to life, and with your support, we believe together we can make a real difference.  


Thank you for visiting - we appreciate it. 


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