We’re proud to partner with Australian company Seabin Project, who are responsible for the creation of the ‘Sea bin’, a revolution in ocean clean­ing technology that creates cleaner oceans with healthier marine life. 

Each purchase of Ozeano sunglasses funds the operation of 1 Seabin to remove 12kg of plastic & marine litter from our oceans & waterways, which is equivalent to over 900 plastic bottles.


Each Seabin captures an estimated 1.4 tons of plastic and debris per year

719 Seabins currently in operation, collecting 1,952.23kg every day

Made from recyclable material with a catch bag that can hold up to 20kg

About Seabin Project

Founded in 2015 by avid water lovers Andrew Turton (a boat builder and sailor by trade) and Pete Ceglinski (who had an upbringing of surfing, swimming, fishing and diving in Australia), Seabin project provides upstream solutions for cleaner oceans.


The Seabin Project team is a dynamic and dedicated group who are working towards solutions by harnessing the knowledge and power of the world’s top experts in the field.


More than just the Seabin product

Alongside the Seabin product, they take a "whole solution" approach using Education, Science and Technology.


Acutely aware of the fact we need to turn off the tap if we are ever to clean up the mess, they run education initiatives to teach the issue of plastic littering through a series of engagements in schools. From lessons and data collection, to activities on how the future generations can design and build products and technology.

To support the ongoing Education, Science, Research and Community project efforts of the Seabin Foundation, follow the link below.


Seabin Foundation welcomes one-off or monthly donations. Every little bit helps. Donations are made in USD.


Tel: +611300707751

Based in Sydney, Australia

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